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About me


Who am I?

Hi! I'm Archie Tooth.

I'm passionate about animals and wildlife and love to draw! I'mnineteen years old and currently at univeristy studying animal behaviour and welfare. In the future I would love to study animals in the wild and get involved in conservation, particularly in the field of the mustelid family. I owned ferrets for over six years and they are the reason I am so interested in the weasel family (mustelidae). Two of my noodles are pictured to the right (banjo top, bear bottom), unfortunately they are no longer with me but they have inspired my passion of animals and I continue to study everything I can about ferrets!


The aim

I made this website to sell my art online. I hope that the pet portraits I create can serve as beautiful gifts or special reminders of our beloved pets whom take a special place in our hearts. I hope that through my cards I will be able to pass on some of my love for animals to others and let them serve as a reminder of the reasons we need to change and protect the environment. Many of the cards that I have designed feature animals that are currently endangered because of human activity. This is truly devastating and needs to change. My cards are made of 100% recycled materials and can be recycled after use. Their appealing and simple designs also mean that they can be kept as artwork or left on the mantelpiece all year round. This all helps to reduce waste and work towards a more sustainable future. My hope is that my cards can be a talking point in a room, to continue the discussion of environmental protection so that people don't become complacent in the battle against climate change. 


Archie Tooth

young artist

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